The furniture we create (or assist in creating) is all fully custom and created with high-quality materials. Some furniture items are created in partnership with RSL Hardwoods. Tim (owner of RSL Hardwoods) crafted the wood portions of the beautiful table and benches you see here while we crafted the metal portions.

Commissioned Furniture

This piece was commissioned by a client that wanted a special piece to help bring together various design elements from her home. Our shop completed this piece of wood obtained from RSL Hardwoods. We design and custom poured the “river” in the table as well as design to specification the metalwork.

Pre-built and custom furniture

We get a creative bug once in awhile and create a piece of furniture to sell. Below are two pieces that we current have for sale. The top image is of a sofa table with a red “river” running through it. You can display this piece of art in your home for $950.

The bottom image is of a gorgeous coffee table with a matte finish. This beautiful piece is available for $1,950.

Custom furniture is always an option too. Give us a call to discuss your ideas and see what dreams we can make come true.