The Story

How it all started

We are the best welding
& metalworks company

Chris found his passion for welding while working for another welder that obtained large contracts from yacht companies. That welder went out of business, allowing Chris to acquire equipment for his own shop. At this point, he also started working for a metal works company while beginning to take side welding jobs. Word of his skilled work traveled and more business came in.

In fall 2015, Chris started working more at his own business and had to cut back his hours with the metal works company. He is now working full time with his CTS Welding business.

“My passion is building top-quality, useful products.”

~Chris Smith

About CTS Welding

We specialize in aluminum welding and fabrication, but we’re not limited to it. We offer many services from small walk-in jobs to contract manufacturing. With our network of partners we are capable of managing your project through all stages, including laser cutting, break press, powder coating, plating, painting, machining, assembly, packaging, and shipping.

CTS Welding takes great pride in the quality of each and every weld. TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding aluminum is well known for its high level of difficulty. Because of this, many shops refuse to weld aluminum. When choosing a welding shop it’s a good idea to have them show you examples of their welds. If something as basic as their welds are not up to par, it will give you a good foundation in which to judge the overall quality and attention to detail of the business.